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Ecofriends motivates people to be closer to nature.

We offer guided tours for groups of ten or less aiming to provide an unforgettable experience in the exploration of unique landscapes in a low impact no trace adventure.

We have decided to organize and promote this kind of activity because we love nature and it is our passion to be surrounded by it.

We believe that contact with the natural environment in its pure form is essential for a balanced human body and spirit. We believe that the Earth and its elements are an immense and relevant energy source. Sharing this with others simply delights us.


In an attempt to put forward our knowledge and enthusiasm for ecotourism, we have organized weekend courses for those who want to learn about self-sufficiency techniques, trekking, wild camping, the use of trekking tools or basic horse riding skills. We hope these will enable them to start planning their own projects and expeditions.


Our mission is to inspire people to take care of themselves and to awake the consciousness regarding our envirolment in the best and simplest way possible: combining love for nature, fascination for challenge, the health benefits of our activities and the feeling of joy of all those things together.

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